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Home Heating Oil

Automatic Fuel Refill Option

At Marble Cliff Oil Co., we track daily temperatures (heating degree days) and your historic fuel use to automatically schedule your next refill. When you choose to go on "Auto-Refill", your home comfort is seamless and convenient. You will also benefit from our "Auto-Refill" DISCOUNT.

Contact our office to sign up for our auto-refill option.

Budget Payment Plan Option

This plan is designed to level out your heating costs over an entire year. Rather than getting large heating bills during the winter, you get a smaller bill each month. Budget billing starts in the summer and runs for 12 months. 

You build a credit balance during the summer and fall and your account is settled the following summer. Contact our office to sign up for the budget plan.

Energy Cost Comparisons

Electricity produces approximately 3,400 BTUs per kilowatt-hour. LP Gas, propane, gets 92,000 BTUs per gallon; natural gas, 100,000 BTUs for one therm. Fuel oil produces 138,000 BTUs per gallon! 

Factor in price and energy content, and fuel oil still compares favorably. Modern fuel oil furnaces are efficient and produce heat that can make you truly feel warm. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Have Questions About Your Tank?

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Basement tanks should be equipped with a VENT ALARM WHISTLE. During filling, it will confirm that a proper vent is there and signals when the tank is nearly full. See below.
Vent Alarm Whistle
Combo Gauge and Vent Whistle, right
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