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Fleet Operators and Yard Tanks

Cost Savings...Bulk Fuel Pricing, Convenience, Accounting, Reduced Risk

Benefits for Fleet Operators

The primary reasons why contractors and fleet operators want fuel on-site are for convenience and to save on waisted man-hours sending crews to a local retail gas station.  

Fuel purchased in bulk may compare favorably in price to your local, retail service station. At times, very favorably... especially on diesel fuel. Plus, off-road diesel, exempt from road taxes, is available in bulk.   

Accounting control is another benefit. One bill... from one supplier... just for fuel. 

Avoid sending vocational vehicles to busy, and sometimes crowded, retail lots. Entering, exiting and manuevering around retail lots with retail customers poses additional risks.  

Our diesel fuels are treated during the winter months with an anti-gel additive to help minimize the effects of cold weather on fuel.   
When it comes to tanks, Marble Cliff Oil Co. offers flexible programs, including loaner tanks, to meet most fleet operators' needs. We can also help answer any regulatory or site preparation questions you might have.
Technology: Wireless tank monitors improve our customer service and boost our efficiency to benefit you more. 
Free Consultation for Fuel Tanks
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